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We offer finest quality by ensuring no adulteration and preservation.


At Rangpar, we treat our Gir cows as ‘Gaumatas’ – as per the ancient Indian beliefs. We feed them, pamper them, and take care of them. Above all, we love them. We consider Gaumatas as our extended family members, and thereby stretch every bit for their well-being. In return, we get top-notch quality milk from our Gir cows. We deliver this milk in its natural form to our beloved customers. Also, we use the traditional bilona churning method to extract pure ghee from our Gir cow’s milk and ship it worldwide.



The present market is getting flooded with contaminated products claiming to be 100% health-friendly. All these lucrative businesses sell their inferior products in the name of organic, natural, health-friendly, and made from desi cow’s pure milk. However, they are just selling adulterated milk products to fulfill the increasing milk demands for daily use. But at Rangpar, we make sure that all our products follow the promise we make to consumers:


  • Made from desi Gir cow’s milk
  • Hand-churned using bilona method
  • 100% organic till its last drop
  • Top-notch raw materials used for ghee-making

Characteristics of Rangpar Ghee


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